Thomson confirme son virage télécoms en rachetant Inventel

Le constructeur acquiert un spécialiste des passerelles résidentielles et des technologies sans fil, correspondant à ses objectifs d'être un acteur des télécommunications.

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  • Sylvain Beletre
    Sylvain Beletre     

    Current Analysis says: Thomson Brings Broadcast TV/VoD Over ADSL to a Select Few in France and Monaco - Current Perspective: Slightly positive on Thomson’s broadcast TV/VoD deployments in France and Monaco, because although Thomson is one of the leading global providers of DSL CPE equipment and is closely allied with DSLAM/DLC market leader Alcatel, these deployments are effectively first-blush, “toe in the water” trials in extremely niche-market end user populations.
    Competitive Positives

    • Thomson’s broadcast TV/VoD service deployments with France’s TF1 Group in Boulogne Billancourt and Paris, and with Monaco Telecom demonstrate the company’s strong commitment to enabling carriers and content providers to generate high-margin revenues over their existing copper infrastructure.

    • Thomson is strategically allied with global DSLAM/DLC market leader Alcatel (from which Thomson acquired its DSL CPE line of business in June 2001), which gives Thomson a tremendous advantage over rival DSL CPE vendors because it has an effective “inside track” into the incumbent carrier market, thanks to its coat-tail relationship with Alcatel.

    • Thomson is also well-positioned from a product standpoint in that it offers not only an extensive array of DSL and cable modem solutions, but also a number of digital TV consumer products including HDTV monitors and DVD players (i.e., the RCA SCENIUM brand in North America).

    • Thomson’s joint venture with Alcatel – Nextream, a developer of video stream compression technologies and solutions such as MPEG encoders – also bolsters Thomson’s position in the next-generation broadcast TV/video market, and provides Thomson with additional financial stability, especially as broadband modem technologies become increasingly commoditized and cause subsequent declines in revenues/margins.


  • Steph_

    Une fusion se fait sur des activités communes, pour mutualiser des coûts, pas sur des activités complémentaires où il n'y a rien à mutualiser.

    Un peu comme si TF1 rachetait Philips parce qu'il fabrique des TV...

  • Dada_


  • Steph_

    Sur quelle activité fusionneraient-ils ? Thomson est équipementier, FT opérateur.

  • stanleylubrick

    VONT FUSIONNER!!!!!!!!

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